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Lockdown Weekend Challenges!

2020 was supposed to be such an exciting year & I (Mike) for one was looking forward to it.

We had four club members qualify to represent Yorkshire (again) at NDP Trampoline, tumbling & DMT Regional competition in Birmingham.

As well as trampolining, it was supposed to be a bumper year for sport. There should have been the European Football championships (for those of you who like football), Wimbledon, the London Marathon and, of course the Tokyo Olympics.

Sadly, the world was hit by a global pandemic, COVID-19 (or coronavirus) and all of these events (& many more) were either cancelled or postponed as we all went into lockdown at the end of March.

We wanted to keep some degree of contact with club members and do something that could be entertaining, fun and a distraction from the unknowns of the horrible disease. Online fitness sessions were set up & brilliantly led by Liv (& her cat). It was nice to see so many joining in with the sessions which also enabled us to have a little chat with people at the end.

Then we decided to run ‘weekend challenges’ each with its own theme. Some of the themes were trampoline related or linked to things that were topical at the time (e.g. V.E. day). It was fun, but often difficult to come up with a new theme each week & I thank Helen for her fab ideas whenever my brain couldn’t think of anything relevant or indeed appropriate.

Each challenge needed a winner, so judging was left to Helen & I. Some weeks it was tough to pick a winner ! We were amazed at the creativity of some members, as well as the support and camera work from family members.

Here’s a summary of the challenges set & the winners.

Handstand challenge - 28th March should have been ‘Club Day’ but instead, with everything being cancelled we asked members that weekend to do a handstand in the most unusual setting. This first challenge was won by Evie.

The best shape ever – On the weekend of the 4th & 5th April we asked members to do the neatest, tightest ‘in-the-air’ shape they could manage and in the most unusual setting. Our winner was Liv W.

The best ‘pile-on plank’ – 11th & 12th April you were challenged to do a nice plank, but to have objects piled up on your back. There were some ‘interesting’ piles ! Our winner was Izzy C.

Spelling – 18th & 19th April saw us taking you back to school & we challenged you to spell out your favourite skill, using only your body to create the letters. This challenge also showed up how good people were at ‘montage’ photography. Our winner was Hannah, who did all of her letters in the air – impressive !

Hiding in plain sight – On the 25th & 26th April we asked you to take a photo, but be somewhere in the photo and we would try to find you. We were going to call this one ‘Where’s the Wally ?’ but copyright law says we couldn’t. This one was won by two (or was it three) of the Hebden family.

Spot the difference – 2nd & 3rd May your challenge was to create two photos which were identical, apart from a few, subtle changes. Apart from telling us how many differences there were, it was up to me & Helen to find them. This one was won by Cove because we never spotted that she had changed herself for her mum, backing up the theory that you will become your parents in due course !

V.E. Day – On the weekend of 9th & 10th May we remembered V.E. Day which really was the beginning of the end of World War II. You were asked to create your National flag, using only items that you owned and pose with your creation and items that make you proud to be who you are. Emma created the neatest Union Flag that I think I’ve ever seen !

The best present – 16th & 17th May should have been the Spring Series competition, but because we couldn’t go, we asked you to show us your best ‘present.’ This was the first weekend where we gave you the choice of submitting your entry as a photo or video. Despite some great entries, Billy won the challenge by a mile.

V-sit – For the 23rd & 24th May we took it back to fitness & asked you to post a photo of you doing your best V-sit, again in the most creative setting. Cove, perched, smiling on top of a tall stool became the first to win two challenges.

Obstacle course – On 30th & 31st May you were challenged to create, set up and be filmed completing an obstacle course. Helen almost shredded her shin on one of her attempts ! We also saw our first joint winners, who were; Izzy N, Olivia N, Alex N & Mollie.

Then & now – into June & the weekend of 6th & 7th June should have seen our 4 Yorkshire representatives competing in Birmingham This got us thinking about how far we’ve come. We asked you to post a photo from as near to when you started trampolining as you could find, compared to a more recent one & post them with a short summary of what you love about or sport. Leah’s honest & passionate words really hit home & she was our winner.

Splits – 13th & 14th June we asked you to do your best splits in an unusual location. There were some interesting poses, but a very upside-down Mollie won this one.

Something Synchro – On 20th & 21st June lockdown had been lifted slightly, allowing people to meet up again, so we asked you to do something synchronised with someone else & post your video. I think most people must have been out that weekend as there weren’t many entries, so the win went to Helen & myself.

Fancy-dress handstand – 28th June was International Handstand day, but because we’d already done a handstand challenge we adapted it slightly & asked you to do one again, but this time in fancy dress. This one was won by Lee in a dress !

Best balance – For the 4th (& 5th) July we asked you to show us your independence & do the best balance (one or two footed) in an unusual location. This one was won, easily by Emma who showed both poise, bravery and imagination.

Random acts of kindness – 11th & 12th July was kind of nearing the end of the challenges, so we asked you to show us something kind that you had done for other people. We liked the creativity and artwork displayed by Evie.

Olympians – 18th July should have been the start of the Tokyo Olympic games, so we gave you a week, to recreate an inspirational Summer Olympics moment. Whilst many of our members are only old enough to have seen a few Olympic games, there are thousands of moments that they could have chosen, for example; Usain Bolt, or Mo Farrah’s iconic poses, Greg Luganis smacking his head on the springboard on his way into the pool, Sir Steve Redgrave winning one of many gold medals, etc. The final challenge was again won by the Hebden family who pretty much recreated an entire Summer Olympics.

Well done to EVERYONE who entered the challenges, or supported behind the cameras. Let’s hope we never have to set challenges like this again …… unless we choose to !

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