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BOTC Annual Club Day

We held our annual club day on Saturday 10th February where all of our recreation and development squad were able to compete under competition conditions, many of them for the first time. A huge thank you goes out to all of the coaches, parents and judges who volunteered their time, and to Kat and Sam for donating their time and for bringing along the competition scoring equipment which enabled the day to run smoothly.

There were some really nice routines on show, and despite some very nervous children we thought that everyone did amazing in completing their routines, especially given the number of people who were watching. A very special well done to those children who achieved a medal, and to those who missed out this time hopefully it gives them something to aim for in next years competition.

The competition squad were then given the opportunity to perform their synchronised routines, again under competition format. This was well received by the audience who appreciated the talent on display.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped during the day and in summary a really enjoyable day and a great showcase for our wonderful club!

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