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How do I pay for BOTC classes?

Payment is by Standing Order on a monthly basis to cover club membership fees. For any new admissions it may be necessary to pay cash for a few weeks until a Standing Order has been set up.


What should my child wear for class?


Socks or trampoline shoes are required to bounce, and all jewellery must be removed. For squad members leotards are compulsory, for recreation sessions a leotard is also compulsory but only after your child has completed his/her first term. Jeans and baggy clothing are not suitable attire and your child may be refused to participate if wearing such clothing for safety reasons. Note that clothing rules apply to both boys and girls. A selection of used leotards are available to purchase from the club for a modest fee - please speak to one of the coaches or a member of the parent helper team if interested.


Are your classes insured?


All our classes are fully insured.


What are your term dates?


We run sessions from September until the end of July in line with the school academic year. For 2020-21 the dates are as follows:

  • TBC Sep - TBC Dec

  • TBC Jan - TBC Apr

  • 8th May - TBC end Jul

Will my child be entered into competition?

All competition squad members are expected and encouraged to compete in both the NDP and regional competitions. These are usually held at venues across Yorkshire between October and March each year. There is an entry fee for these competitions which will be advised nearer the time once confirmed.

The recreational and development squad are not involved in regional competition, however we do host a club day every year where your child will get to compete on an informal basis against other similar ability children from within the club.

Can parents watch?


We encourage parents, family and friends to be involved within the club and as such you are welcome to stay and watch your child during training providing that you do not disrupt the class. For those children aged 8 and under attending recreational sessions we request that a parent / guardian remains in the Sports Hall for the duration of the class.


What is your ratio of children to adults?


We aim to have a minimum of 2 adults present during all classes. A number of parents with children in the competition squad have been assessed and cleared to work with children by British Gymnastics and so these parent helpers are present in class on a rota basis to assist with our child : adult ratios. If any more parents would like to become involved in supervising then please contact a member of the coaching team in the first instance.

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